I'm gonna do what you shouldn't have too and commit my self to watching the entire season 8 of 24. Heroics aside, I'm going to point out the stupidity of the show on a weekly basis and prove that monkeys directed by Michael Bay can make a better television show.

"Another season? I'm gonna need to ask my doctor about Prozac"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here we go again. again.

It is that time of year again. No not the time where you start lamenting about how you hate your family and drink a lot, that's thanksgiving. It's time for Jack Bauer to come save our asses from a small threat, a medium threat, and finally a larger threat that will doom us all. For those who do not remember, Season 7 ended with Jack Bauer dying from a disease that had no cure except maybe his daughter's bone marrow, because in television, when all is going wrong bone marrow can save anything.

"You have small pox, but it's okay because we can use bone marrow and it will go away"

The red headed chick nobody cares about was about to torture Jon Voigt or something.

Does anyone even remember her name? that's my point.

The president sent her own daughter to jail, because that's what all president's with daughters who break laws do.

well, most presidents.

Chloe was shown once in the finale and then never heard from again, so who knows what happened with her.

This season promises to be good since they seemed to have taken all the good moments from the previous 7 seasons, threw in some explosions, changed Chloe's hair, and put together the current season.

Check out the trailer

Next week on 24 recap: the trailer


  1. Nice blog but has grammatical errors. Perhaps you can hire someone to do a grammar check?

    Love the dubya joke!

  2. Hey! I want a new post! I can't wait. Hurry up! You are awesome!

  3. I mean...24 is cool and all...but Beyonce had the best video of the year (and I can watch it on my video phone). Besides, Beyonce could have pulled-off (lol) such an ugly dress way better than Kiefer. It just doesn't match his eyes.